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***Usage Directions***

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***Usage Directions***

Post by The Darkness on Tue Dec 15, 2015 10:44 am

Usage Directions for the NCA Student Council Forum

Link provided:

Type the link into the “URL” search bar at the top of your web-browser.

Press “Enter”.

The link will take you to the NCA Student Council Forum home-page.

Observe the menu bar:

Click on the register button.

You will be taken to the Forum Terms of Service Page.

To pass this stage of registration, press the “I Agree to these terms” button.

You will be taken to the Registration Information page.

All these fields are required.

Observe the “Username” field first.

Enter your real name into the “username” field.

Observe the “E-mail address” field.

Enter a current and valid email address into the “E-mail address” field.

Observe the “Password” field.

Enter in a “Normal” or “Strong” password of your choosing for your password to be legible.

After you’ve entered in the required information, click “save”.

You will be taken to a page in which you will finish your registration.

Observe the “Confirm password” field.

Reenter your exact password from previously into this field.

Observe the “Confirmation code” field.

(This field is to prevent “bots” or script guided programs to place ads on our forum)

Enter in the confirmation as you see it into the field.

Once you have completed the fields, click “save”.

You will be taken to an “Information” page.

Click the “Click here to return to the Index” link.

You will be taken back to the home page. Please press the “login” button on the menu bar.

You will be taken to the login page.

Observe the “Username” field.

Enter your username from previous.

Observe the “Password” field.

Enter your exact password from previous.

If you would like to login automatically, check the box.

Click “Log in”.

If you would like to have an avatar follow the directions here:

Once you get to the homepage, look on the menu bar and click profile.

You will see “Avatar” in the selection bar.

Select “Avatar” and head down to the “Upload and avatar to our computer”.

Select an image from your computer and click “save” at the bottom of the page.

Head to the “***New User Assistance***” sub-forum.

You will then head to the “Identity” thread and post your position at NCA whether it be NCA staff, NCA student or NCA student council member.

Someone will then add you to the appropriate group that fits your position.

Please remember to follow the rules and have fun!

Notice: When reporting a post, utilize the "Report Post" function at the top right corner of the message box. It is triangle shaped. Please only report posts that you think may be breaking the rules.

If you have any questions, please contact me at:

Nik Lodermeier: Forum Administrator

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