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Student Council/NCA Staff Member Confirmation Thread

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Student Council/NCA Staff Member Confirmation Thread

Post by Nik Lodermeier on Tue Oct 20, 2015 7:46 pm

Please use this thread to state whether or not you are in the student council or are a staff member at NCA so I can add you to your group.

Hello, I am an NCA student wishing to influence a new direction for the student council.
If you're new here, please review our rules here
If you are on the student council, are a staff member, or are a student at NCA then follow the link here.
I'm currently looking for any would be Moderators or Administrators.
If you have any background in the website Forumotion with forum running know-how as well as having any concerns or questions then please contact me here:
Nik Lodermeier

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