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***General Rules & Guidelines***

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***General Rules & Guidelines*** Empty ***General Rules & Guidelines***

Post by Nik Lodermeier on Tue Oct 20, 2015 8:04 pm

Profanity and obscenity is prohibited.

You may not link to any other site unless appropriate reasons are given.

You may not post images that link to another site, however you can use an image hosting website such as:
Imgur, PostImage, and Photobucket (Others will need to be asked about and approved by moderation/administration)

Images must not contain any derogatory, obscene, and otherwise inappropriate wording or imagery.

We will not tolerate any images containing those items; your punishment will be weighed depending on severity and record.  

You must respect the people around you.

You must use your real name as your username Your username may be unique, however, you must post your name somewhere on your profile to be identified as a real NCA user. Avatar/profile pictures may be your choice as long as they don't violate the image rule.

You may state whether or not you're in the student council in this thread.

Depending on the offense, we reserve the right to "warn" you for bad behavior. Your warning level will be kept record of and we reserve the right to keep that record. However, you may ask for a copy of that record should there ever be one.

Depending on the offense and record, we reserve the right to "ban" you from this forum for however long we see fit depending on severity and record.

Depending on the offense and record, we reserve the right to "delete" your account from this forum. If this occurs, we may reconsider your stay on this forum.

You may not, under any circumstances, impersonate anyone on this forum and will result in immediate ban.

You may not under any circumstances impersonate a moderator or administrator of this forum and will result in immediate ban.

The ***warn*** tag (And any other renditions determined by the moderation and administration staff) is specifically for moderator and administrator use only. Users without moderator or administrator privileges using this tag will result in a warning or immediate ban.

This forum is ultimately run by the administration, but owned as a collective group. Please share any and all concerns with us about this forum, its policies, and etc...

Overall, please have fun sharing your ideas and communicating with others.

This forum is intended for NCA use only, if you are found to be not of this school then by our right we can ban you on sight. (Depending on circumstances such as former affiliation and others deemed acceptable by forum staff.)

These rules and general guidelines are intended for maintaining the safety and clean nature intended for this forum and are subject to modification at any time.

You are responsible for conforming to these rules and guidelines if and when they are modified.

Any behavior that is displayed on this forum must be within NCA policy and can be announced to NCA staff at any time.

Nik- Student Council Forum Administrator

Notice: When reporting a post, utilize the "Report Post" function at the top right corner of the message box. It is triangle shaped. Please only report posts that you think may be breaking the rules.

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Hello, I am an NCA student wishing to influence a new direction for the student council.
If you're new here, please review our rules here
If you are on the student council, are a staff member, or are a student at NCA then follow the link here.
If you have any questions or concerns, contact me here:
Nik Lodermeier
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